AllConncect VPN


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Innovative Elastic VPN Cloud solution by combing the enterprise VPN Client and Cloud VPN backend.

AnyConnect Client + Cloud VPN Server = AllConnect


  • AllConnect VPN is a distributed Cloud VPN platform built upon with latest tech stacks and various open-sources projects
  • The innovative client-less and disposable VPN server design, PKI-based authentication bring the maximum security to normal people
  • Control plane is a cloud-native system implementation with various AWS services, including Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, SES and etc
  • Data plane is based on OpenConnect server hosted in VPS and AnyConnect Client
  • Subscription business model is implemented with Stripe Payments and Billings

Tech Stack

Repo: yarn monorepo


  • Static Site: Gatsby
  • Host: AWS S3
  • CDN: AWS CloudFront
  • Language: Typescript
  • Styling: Material UI
  • Framework: React
  • State management: Redux-saga


  • Language: Typescript
  • Runtime: Node.js
  • Deployment: serverless framework
  • Domain: AWS Route 53
  • Compute: AWS Lambda
  • Network: AWS API Gateway
  • User Management: AWS Cognito
  • Storage: AWS S3
  • Email: AWS SES
  • Database: AWS DynamoDB
  • Compute Node: AWS Lightsail and others VPS vendor
  • User Authentication: FreeRadius


  • Source Control: AWS CodeCommit
  • CI/CD: AWS CodePipeline
  • ELK: