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Refresh tokens hooks for Feathers

Forked from TheSinding/authentication-refresh-token There are three major differences of my implementation:

  1. Implement refresh token via Feathers standalone service
  2. The form of refresh token is actual JWT
  3. Support all authentication strategies (local, oAuth)
  4. Support multi-devices login

Key features

Leveraging existing Feathers built-in authentication service and JWT support to implement refresh token functionalities via couple hooks:

  1. issueRefreshToken - issuing refresh token after user authenticated successfully and save it via custom refresh-tokens service
  2. refreshAccessToken - issuing new access token by making a POST request to /refresh-tokens endpoint along with user Id and a valid refresh token
  3. revokeRefreshToken - revoke refresh token by making PATCH request to /refresh-tokens endpoint
  4. logoutUser - remove the refresh token by making a DELETE request to /refresh-tokens endpoint